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The full moon rising, main beach. This photo does no justice to the beauty that was. 14.7.14Mia

when you’re horny and your boyfriend isnt


more embroidered bread

why the fuck would you embroider bread


made a hidden nudes page here

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This is my cat Smokey. Yesterday morning my boyfriends mom found her in the trash. When I saw her I thought she was dead. Her eye had been gauged out & she was bleeding from her mouth. She lay there motionless until I called her name & pet her. We rushed over to the animal emergency & she is suffering from head trauma, lung & spinal problems & a missing eye. She was beaten to near death by my boyfriend’s mom’s step brother. He has mental issues & we’ve tried for so long to get him out our home but never were successful due to another issue. I love Smokey so much, I’ve always viewed her as my child since I got her when she was a kitten. I went through very lonely times where I had no friends & she was always there for me & spending time with me. She’s been on my mind 24/7 since this tragedy occurred. All I want in my life more than anything is for her to live & be happy. She has such a unique personality & loves everything & everyone so much. I just can’t understand why anyone could do this to someone so innocent. I live with my boyfriend working full time & we’re getting evicted from my home because of this horrible monster who did this to my cat. Charges are currently pending & I will do everything in my willpower to make sure he gets what he deserves for what he’s done. Right now I need everyone’s help & support. Please reblog this so it can get around. To make donations & read more about what happened go to this link http://www.gofundme.com/e4lqbc

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why yes please









fucking amazing 

Metal is clearly more of a family than anyone realizes

How can anyone not reblog this?

One of my favourite pictures on tumblr.


people think this genre of music is so mean and satanic but i think it is one of the more accepting kinds of music. 

I cried.


So fucking hardcore

Suicide victim listening to music before jumping


anyone wanna make out… a check to me for 500,000 dollars

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I know I sound confused but do you ever get the feeling that you’re being used
Al Shep


if you gave me $1000 to spend i would still click lowest to highest price

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